Caring for aging parents; it's both a challenge and a blessing. Loving Zelda: A Stepdaughter's Caregiving Journal explores the emotional and practical facets of the role-reversal that late-life caregiving often entails, with a good dose of the humor and warmth that can also be a part of the experience.


The author’s father, Bill, a retired psychologist, and stepmother, Zelda, had enjoyed absorbing hobbies and eagerly traveled the globe together for most of their 32-year marriage. Now Zelda—former organizer of Fourth of July kitchen-band marches—is fading into the confusion of dementia. They need help. Sue Anne Kirkham takes you along as she delves into the backgrounds of the main characters and shares helpful insights for fellow caregivers. Loving Zelda is a moving human-interest memoir with appeal for all audiences. Once you get to know Bill and Zelda, you'll want to follow them through every dramatic turn of events.


What It’s About:

  • Aging

  • Caregiving

  • Father-daughter relationships

  • The power of prayer

  • A stepmother who is also a best friend

  • Blended families

  • Opportunities for Redemption


I am Sue Anne W. Kirkham, an admitted late-bloomer with a degree in written communications and an intense desire to both share life's lessons and make up for lost time. My online offerings have typically included: profiles of people of faith, and essays on aging, family relations, and healthy living.

After spending several years as a transplant to Central Texas (loved the people, hated the summers), I re-planted myself back to Minnesota (love the people, hate the winters).

I spend my days refereeing a small but fearless Chihuahua-Papillion pup and her larger, equally-territorial feline housemate while I work on my next book, a first-hand account of the mourning process from a Christian perspective. (Truly, more uplifting than one might expect!)


For retail store owners looking to sell my book, Ingram handles my distribution.

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